John Hunter is a Core accredited Mediator. His experience in mediation in a formal respect has been in representing parties and advising them during the course of several mediations. In particular he has been involved in numerous mediations, in Scotland and England, which have resolved disputes within one day.

As mediator he has recently become involved in an area of commercial mediation which he sees as a potential for future development. It was agreed between a major construction organisation and a multinational mechanical and electrical engineering contractor to involve him in the process of mediating a solution to a final account on a PFI hospital in England. His remit was to investigate and understand the respective positions of each party and to prepare reports upon which the parties could then discuss common ground thus narrowing the issues between them with the benefit of his expertise in forensic analysis based upon the project records.

As a result a sum in dispute of some £6 million was settled between the parties over a period of 3 months.